It’s finally here. The project I have been working on for the past two years, I hope you enjoyed the trailer above, let me go into more detail about what this book is about and why I wrote it.


Learn2Freestyle has always been a passion project, the original aim right from the start was to teach people across the world freestyle and share as much knowledge and information about this wonderful sport as possible – that remains true today. Posting tutorials is hard work but the rewards are priceless. The problem with YouTube is that there are lots of rules you have to follow in order for your channel to gain popularity; tell people to like and subscribe, upload regularly and keep your videos under 5 minutes otherwise the viewer will click on something else.


That last one has been the hardest to contend with, I could talk about football freestyle all day, sometimes when I upload a video I feel like I’ve only skimmed the surface of the topic. The tutorials need a background, an in depth history detailing where this culture came from. The problem is, such a thing doesn’t exist as we move away from traditional websites and forums and into social media. My weekly series ‘Around The World’ has helped bring a greater insight into the freestyle community and culture, but this is a topical show. What’s important, in any sport or art, is its history. In every sport, legends are revered and records are treasured. Pioneers praised. Yet because football freestyle is still such a young culture, these things are not common knowledge among fans and freestylers alike.


I took it upon myself to write the first book about football freestyle. It’s full of stories and information and my hope is that you’ll feel a lot more connected to the freestyle community and the tricks you do on a daily basis after reading it. I cover the whole spectrum; styles, trick creators, performing, how to make money, competitions – it’s all in there. There are no tutorials or secret tips in there, you can find all of that on, this is extra information – I firmly believe this information is just as important as the tutorials, if not more. If you want to be a successful freestyler then this book will be your greatest aid and a source of inspiration.

What format is the book available in?

This is an ebook. You’ll receive three files: pdf, epub and mobi. Making it possible to read on pretty much any device.