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Puma Glyde Lite Review

April 12, 2015 |

The Puma Glyde Lite is available at a low price on Amazon – Click to shop now

Over the past 12 months, Pumas have become the most popular brand as far as footwear is concerned in freestyle. No argument. Initially … Read More

Book Competition Winners!

March 31, 2015 |

After 3 long months… I have finally got around to selecting the winners of the competition I ran before New Year for people who bought my book. I cannot thank everyone enough for all the support and kind words on … Read More

Groin Strains: How to Recover, Stretch & Rehab a Groin Injury

January 20, 2015 |

Groin Strains: How to Recover, Stretch & Rehab a Groin Injury

If you train football freestyle for long enough, then you’re going to incur a groin injury at some point. Whether it be a groin pull which abruptly ends your … Read More

The Top 10 Learn2Freestyle Videos of 2014 – Tutorials, Tricks & Battles!

December 30, 2014 |

Learn2Freestyle videos were viewed over 1 million times in 2014. Either football freestyle is growing rapidly or I uploaded more videos – I think it’s a bit of both. It’s been a big year for football freestyle, as the sport … Read More

Insane Air Rabona Freestyle Trick Tutorial

December 27, 2014 |

Last week a┬árabona freestyle clip of mine went viral. A week before I released my book ‘The Story of Football Freestyle’. My first ever viral clip. In all honestly, it was something I came up with and landed quickly when … Read More

Beginner Combo Tutorial – Weak Foot Combos

December 22, 2014 |

This is the second part of the beginner combo series, if you haven’t already, make sure you check out the first part HERE. Once we have started to build small combos together, we want to begin to develop our weak … Read More