The Story of Football Freestyle

The only book which tells the incredible rise of football freestyle.

Do you love Football Freestyle?

Have you ever wondered who was the first person to do an 'Around The World'? 

How freestyle went from stadiums and commercials to a thriving global underground community? 

What the life of a freestyler is actually like? 

How to become a professional and make money from freestyle? 

This book explains everything you ever wanted to know! 

What you'll learn:

Introduction to freestyle - A complete breakdown of the styles, the trick inventors and the unique story of how everything began.

An in depth look at the pioneers of the sport and their stories - meaning you'll feel better connected to the tricks you practice everyday. 

Every piece of valuable knowledge I've learned in the last decade of being a freestyler.

How to make money from freestyle - Tips on how to give the perfect performance and how to market yourself as a professional freestyler. Making money from the sport you love.

Plus much more!


"You could consider this book as the bible of football freestyle"

Tom Folan

UK number 2, Super Ball Top 8 2013 & 2014

“The story of football freestyle offers a unique personal account of the life of a freestyler as well as a detailed history of this rapidly growing sport. If you’re a freestyle enthusiast, just beginning your freestyle journey or simply interested in gaining an insight into the sport this book is simply a must read.”

Daniel Dennehy

Ireland number 1, Red Bull Street Style second place 2012

“Conor solidifies his importance to the freestyle community with this incredibly concise and detailed book. Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been to 100 international meetings, there’s going to be a lot of information in here that you’ll read for the first time. Conor goes right through the history of Freestyle, from the birth of airmoves all the way up to the most recent events and competitions. By relating his own experiences the book takes on a more personal dimension and it feels like we’re brought along on the journey with him. It’s pretty simple, if you’re a freestyler you simply need to own this book.”

Daniel Rooseboom

Judge, Commentator and creator of ‘I am a football freestyler’

“A must read for all freestylers and anyone that’s interested in urban arts, I don’t usually read books but I finished this one in two days. A well balanced mix between Conor’s personal experiences and the history of football freestyle. There were even a few details in there that were new for me. You could consider this book as the bible of football freestyle.”

Lukas ‘Lucaso’ Skoda

Creator of Super Ball World Championships

“When Conor showed me his book I expected history data and was afraid it would be boring. But the fact that he has described the evolution of the sport through his eyes made reading more than enjoyable. You really feel like part of the history. The main reason why I enjoyed reading this book was that he wasn’t just describing single parts of the sport like a guidebook but he was giving his personal insights on different topics. There are only a few guys who are able to tell the story of freestyle from the beginnings and Conor is one of them.”

Tom Budding

UK Freestyle Air Move pioneer

“The story of football freestyle is a captivating read which excellently blends the history of football freestyle with a unique and personal account that lifts the lid on the lifestyle of a freestyler. Packed with anecdotes, facts, advice and much more this book is an engaging read from start to finish.”


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About the author

Hello, my name is Conor! I've been a football freestyler for 10 years and run Thank you for checking out my e-book, The Story of Football Freestyle! So, why did I write this book? And why should you read it? 

What’s important, in any sport or art, is its history. In every sport, legends are revered and records are treasured. Pioneers praised. Yet because football freestyle is still such a young culture, these things are not common knowledge amongst fans and freestylers alike. 

I took it upon myself to write the first book about football freestyle. It’s full of stories and information and my hope is that you’ll feel a lot more connected to the freestyle community and the tricks you do on a daily basis after reading it. I cover the whole spectrum; styles, trick creators, performing, how to make money, competitions – it’s all in there. I firmly believe this information is just as important as the tutorials, if not more. If you want to be a successful freestyler then this book will be your greatest aid and a source of inspiration.